From the North,

ELD was forged to help young artists and professionnals of the Folk Metal sector worldwide (Bands, Labels, Festivals...) working hard like a burning fire.

My knowledge in folk metal, music, and management are meant to be used here in a positive way.

Initially designed in April 16, 2013 as one parallel project of my other folk metal website Sword Chant, ELD becomes integrated into the Sword Chant site since January 1st of 2014 after bands requests and discussions with them and the Sword Chant Community.

"Eld" means "Fire" in Swedish. Eld's goal is to help bands in their projects for them to emerge fine.

ELD can help bands to find other bands to share the stage with and can give them some advices for their inner management when is needed, since ELD always keeps an eye on bands interests.

ELD announcements are available in this site but also in facebook and twitter.


  • Help in bands' projects:
- The need of people: ELD can help you in the search of designer, guests musicians, translator....
ELD may help you to find the right people when you can't, for your record, website...

- The need of label: If your band is looking for a label... (tell me the labels you tried with answers)
Indeed, I expect some work from band before to contact me.

- Help with your campaign: ELD can help you with the concept of your crowd funding project.
For some obvious matters, the management by the band for the webpage of the project is prefered.

  • Help with bands' management:
Inner management: This often happens naturally and i usually don't spread about my advices solving their problems on this website. Then of course, it depends the subject...

- Press management: Bands have to learn to manage reviews or interviews but ELD can help a bit.

- Presskit: can be designed by ELD if your band is lost with it.

  • Tour & concerts: 
As I previously said, I help bands to find other bands for their gigs to become real but since Eld isn't a booking agency nor a complete management service, bands will have to search for venues...

These will be required to carry out the work.
- Be sure there won't be financial issues for the tour in plan
- Tell me your terms that I'll have to explain to the potential bands interested
- Send me the following details in one calendar: dates, cities planned, countries...

  • Festivals: 
ELD can help festivals worldwide when bands are missing in their lineup.

  • Labels: 
I have one big folk metal bands database, Thus, if you want to sign a new band but can't find this band, you can contact me at anytime. Other requests are also possible.

All in all, I don't post about bands, labels, and festivals on this website, without their agreement. On the other hand, you will have to keep me inform of the work progress for me to update this website and do the promotion but if one refuses we work fine together while my work has been done, I'll publish my work, anyway.


Keep your money for your projects. 

BANDS & LABELS: Physical records (nothing promotional)
PS: I collect bands plectrums too.. :)

FOR CONCERTS (Bands/Fests): The addition of the banners of Eld & Sword Chant on flyers ;
2 free tickets, only if I plan to go to live event.

Bands, Labels & Festivals can contact me by email.

How was born the idea of ELD?